Port of Den Helder

Port of Den Helder, the ideal strategic location for logistics, operations and maintenance regarding all forms of offshore induced energy

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May 15th

The bridge financing counter for innovative companies stands at 630 million

Two weeks after the opening of the Corona Bridging Loan (COL) and the Temporary Bridging Loan Program for innovative Start-up and Scale-ups (TOPSS), nearly 1,300 start-ups, scale-ups and innovative SMEs have submitted an application. The companies are applying for a total of € 630 million through either facility. Almost a third of all applications in the Netherlands come from companies in the province of North Holland.
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May 7th

A Green Hydrogen filling station will come in Port of Den Helder

Together with consortium partners ENGIE, Total / PitPoint clean fuels and Damen Shipyards Group, Port of Den Helder is working hard on the realization of a hydrogen filling station at Kooyhaven. The project is supported by Liander N.V., New Energy Coalition and Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Noord-Holland Noord (NHN).
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April 14th

Blue hydrogen factory in Den Helder in sight

Parties sign letter of intent to investigate feasibility

The arrival of a blue hydrogen factory in Den Helder is a step closer. An investigation is underway to determine its feasibility. The authorities and market parties involved have agreed on this in a Blue Hydrogen Den Helder Agreement of Intent. Blue hydrogen is a cleaner source of energy because the CO2 released during production is captured and stored.
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March 26th

Measurements and Protocol Port of Den Helder in relation to COVID-19

Due to the recent developments in relation to COVID-19 and the measurements taken by our government Port of Den Helder has taken the following measures. We hereby follow the advice of the government and the guidelines of RIVM.
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March 14th

Corona update

Due to the recent developments in relation to COVID-19, our staff will work from home until 6 april 2020. During this time our employees can be reached via their regular e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.
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February 27th

Awarding CO2-aware Certificate level 3

On February 27, the municipality of Den Helder and the related parties, including Port of Den Helder, were awarded the CO2-aware Level 3 Certificate. Municipality of Den Helder is the first municipality in North Holland to carry this certificate.
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January 7th

Port of Den Helder completely switched to using green electricity

As of 1 January 2020, Port of Den Helder has completely switched to the use of green electricity. This is an important first step in the port's sustainability strategy. In addition to greening energy consumption, reducing emissions and promoting circularity are also important pillars of this sustainability strategy.
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