Obstructions & Detours

On this page we will keep you updated about all blockades and the subsequent diversions in our port.

Registration 1.5 hours before arrival at the lock

Dive inspections at the Koopvaardersschutsluis 8-13 June 2020

Commissioned by the province of North Holland, WaakSaam carries out the annual inspection work with divers in the Koopvaardersschutsluis in Den Helder from the 8th of June to the 13th of June - every day between 20.00 and 07.00 hours.

We conduct these dive inspections to monitor the condition of the steel sheet piling.

NOTE: There is no delay at the lock provided that the ships report at least 1.5 hours before arrival at the lock via VHF 22 or by telephone: +31 (0)223 61 32 92. If registered in time, the lock can be locked on arrival.