Port services & Dues

In our port we provide various services for incoming an outgoing ships.

Assistance of incoming and outgoing ships


To assist large vessels in the seaport of Den Helder during mooring and departure of linesmen services are offered in the Port of Den Helder. This is not obligatory. Linesmen services can be obtained via the Port Controll of Den Helder 24 hours a day (phone: +31 (0)6 52 55 38 15).

In order to provide tailor made services, assistance must be requested three hours before arrival and/or departure of a vessel.

The 'Table of Charges' provides information about the charges within our harbour, please click on the relevant document under "Port Dues" at the bottom of this page.

The protection of the marine environment is an important item on the national and international agenda. This has resulted in the European Directive (2000/59/EC) “Port reception facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues”.

Waste disposal

Prevention of Pollution from Ships Act
Under this directive, ports in the European member states are required
to draw up a Port Waste Plan for their region. The directive is legally
defined in the Prevention of Pollution from Ships Act (Wet Voorkoming
Verontreiniging door Schepen, or WVVS) in the Netherlands. In the Port
of Den Helder the following Port Waste (Prevention) plan is applicable:

Port Waste Plan Port of Den Helder (HAP)
The Port Waste Plan describes the organization, processes,
notifications, financial settlement and measures that are required in
the Port of Den Helder. The plan requires every vessel to deposit
their ship-generated waste and cargo residues to a port reception
facility. Port of Den Helder offers facilities for depositing any type
of waste.

Financial settlement of waste disposal
According to the EU, every vessel must contribute financially to the
collection, transport and processing of ship-generated waste. That is
why all vessels must pay a levy, even if they are not disposing waste.
This will reduce the economic incentive of discharging waste at sea. After paying, every vessel will have the right to dispose of their
ship-generated waste. The paid amount is used on behalf of processing
waste on shore.

Please download your relevant documents below:

Water & Electricity

All our rates in one document

Port Dues

Port and quay charges are levied and collected for entering/mooring on/at quays under the management at Port of Den Helder. All our quays are ISPS-certified and charged as such. Linesmen services for mooring and unmooring ships are optional.

The exact rates are stated in the 'table of charges'. It is important to take notice of the 'General Terms and Conditions Port and Quay Dues'.

In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the English texts and the Dutch texts the Dutch texts shall prevail.

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There are many services working in or involved with the port of Den Helder. Below you will find the most important contact details of the most relevant organizations.

Nautical Services

Harbour service NV Port of Den Helder
Het Nieuwe Diep 33
1781 AD Den Helder
T +31 (0)223 61 39 55 or +31 (0)6 53 78 15 97


VHF: 14

National Port Coordination Center

Fort Harsens
Beversierweg 5
1781 AC Den Helder
+31 (0)223 65 75 22

Coastguard center
Gebouw MHKC
Nieuwe Haven
P.O. Box 10.000
1780 CA Den Helder
+31 (0)223 54 23 00
ALARM +31 (0)900 01 11

National Police Unit North-West Netherlands
Bastiondreef 2
1784 MR Den Helder
+31 (0)6 52 30 19 91

Nederlands Loodswezen BV
T: +31 (0)255 56 45 00

Royal Military Police
Bastiondreef 2
1784 MR Den Helder
+31 (0)223 65 72 15 (seaport crossing point)

Customs Noord-Holland
T +31 (0)800 05 43